jueves, 29 de diciembre de 2011

Tracy dialogue

Hello! Bé aquí t'adjunto un diàleg que ens va manar al professora (i tutora) d'anglès. L'he fet juntament amb la meva amiga Alba. Ens haguessim pogut esforçar més, però opino que està bastant bé:

(Scott and Tracy are in their house. Scott is sit down in the sofa and Tracy in the chair)
Tracy- Hello, how such in your work?
Scott- Why are you asking me?
Tracy- Well, I only was worry for you, because we discuss a lot and I don’t know why.
Scott- I don’t have any problem.
Tracy- Yes, I think that you are hiding something. You can explain me what are you happen, insurance that we can arrange it.
Scott- No, I’m sure that you can’t understand me, I do something horrible.
Tracy- It can’t be so horrible.
Scott- Remember you that we have a strong discussion and I go to cafe?
Tracy- Yes, I know.
Scott- So… I go to the cafe with Sharon and…
Tracy- And what??
Scott- I was sad I said to Sharon… and we finished in her bed…
Tracy- What?!
Scott- I’m sorry.
Tracy- Go out.
Scott- Now I know that I really love you.
Tracy- You don’t love me, I hate you.
Scott- Excuse me, please we can arrange it.
Tracy- No Scott, we can’t. I’m very sad. I need think about this. I had a good notice, but after that I don’t know if it’s a good notice…
Scott- Tell me, tell me please.
Tracy- I hope a baby of us.

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