martes, 1 de noviembre de 2011

Carta de inglés de amor

Aquí podéis ver cómo me quedó la conntestación de la carta de inglés (aviso: está en inglés si alguien no lo entiede, traductor google xD):

Hi Carmen:
How are you? I have been impatient to speak with you. I also remember like yesterday the day that we met. You were beautiful, with your long brown hair and with your red swimsuit. When I saw you, I couldn’t think in nothing more. Even I remember the days that we were together: when we walked for the park, when we danced in the disco… all was as a sleep which I would not wake me. But it finish the day that we said good bye in the airport. Since then I would write to you, but, I didn’t know if you felt the same as me. Since today. Now, I see that my feelings are corresponded. I have waiting a lot of time for know about you…
In your letter, you have said that Jessi has sent messages to my mobile. I’m afraid that I haven’t received anything. Probably you don’t write my number correctly, or the message was lost.. I don’t know.
 The important thing is that now, we know that we really love. I like to see you soon, but I’m studying in Manchester, in a boarding.. I am going to return to London in Christmas. Perhaps we see ourselves! Since we separated I have been wishing see you. Hopefully…
I wish receive news about you. soon
With all my love<3

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